The Role Of Escort Service

escortRegardless of what many may think prostitution is one of the oldest businesses in the history of human beings. Indeed, the exchange of goods or money for sexual pleasure is as old as human being’s existence itself. However, it is no longer referred to as prostitution in the modern world.In many social circles, it is considered rude to call someone a prostitute despite the fact that they perform sexual acts for monetary compensation. The appropriate term for that many consider acceptable is travel companions or escorts.

While some people focus on rebuking the profession travel companion escort los angeles , the business of escort agencies in Los Angeles and the world at large is still booming. Therefore, it is high time that we all accepted the fact that travel escorts are here to stay. Questions of morality aside, los angeles escorts have more to offer than just sex.Below are some of the benefits that los angeles escorts have to offer;

History of escort services

Traditionally, escorts were popularly referred to as “prostitutes.” The concept of prostitution is believed to have been invented by Sumerians in Mesopotamia. This was the earliest human society which is believed to have undergone evolution around the 3rd millennium B.C. they worshiped a goddess known as Ishtar. It was a common belief among this society that Ishtar, the goddess of war and love, was reborn a virgin at every sunrise. At sunset, she would then transform into what they termed as a “whore,” an Indo-European word which unlike the way we use it today, meant “desire.”

According to this tale, the priestesses of the goddess of war and love took coins and other offerings from men. In return, the men would use the holy bodies of these priestesses to draw them closer to Ishtar. From there on, the history of prostitution goes hand in hand with the development of human culture.

Poverty and wealth are the two key phenomena that have led to what we call escort service today. Because there has always been the rich and the poor in even the oldest forms of human societies, prostitution has evolved and developed into many forms to accommodate men and women from all social classes. Today’s escort service is a term adopted to describe the exchange of sexual pleasure for money or goods. Its history is traceable to ancient Greece.

escortIn those days, the marriage institution was not based on the concept of love. Rather, marriages were arranged between families. Therefore, prostitution was legal and by far more socially accepted then than today.In those ancient days, escort services were offered in two types. Anyone in need of escort services could buy the normal woman (the pornê ), whose services were offered indoors at an affordable price. The hetaira (hetaera), on the other hand, was more than just a sex partner for hire. They possessed unimaginable sensual skills which ranged from dances, poetry and sensual pleasure.

Like the high-class escort companions of today, who sometimes offer their clients the ultimate girlfriend experience, these ladies offered services that went beyond basic sex. It goes without saying that the hetairas were a rich man’s indulgence due to their considerably higher service fees.

Like high-class ladies of today, who for instance pamper their gentleman with an intimate Girlfriend Experience, their service went far beyond the sexual level. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the services of the hetairas were a luxury which only the wealthiest men could afford. It is based on these cultures that the idea of escort services was born.